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Children of the Bong

Not Sirius

With a risk of seeming like London buses (waiting 30 years and 2 new releases come at the same time), here’s the 2nd and final instalment of our unreleased hidden gems.
Not Sirius is a definitive collection of tracks made before and after Sirius Sounds and is packed full of our signature psychedelic-electro-dub sound. While some tunes featured on obscure demo tapes and missed the cut for Sirius Sounds due to the limited running time allowed by CD & vinyl, others were created for one-off live performances & TV shows.
This release finds its home on Disco Gecko Recordings, which neatly closes a circle as label owner Toby Marks (AKA Banco de Gaia) was one of the first to recognise our talents, asking us to support him on his 1994 UK tour. The label is also home to 100th Monkey, AKA Andy Guthrie, who helped produce Sirius Sounds.
Not Sirius comes out on CD and digitally on all platforms on Friday 1st December, with 2 bonus tracks available only to Bandcamp album purchasers.
Now available for pre-order where you can take unheard track, Dubber FX out for a spin while you wait!

Sonic Ambulance 


Exclusively on Bandcamp - CD and Download!

‘Sonic Ambulance’ is the first release from a hidden treasure trove of unreleased material that was unearthed while researching tracks to go on ‘Sirius Sounds (Expanded)’ and contains the starting culture of the Children of the Bong sound that features 100% live performances without sequencers. 

Under the influence of electronic, ambient and psychedelic pioneers of the 60’s & 70’s such as Tangerine Dream, Brian Eno and Pink Floyd, the pair utilise analog synths, guitars, effects, found sounds and voice with a smattering of looped samples. These are raw streams of consciousness between two young psychonauts discovering the electrodelic world for the first time and delve in worlds also occupied by more contemporary artists of that period such as the Orb and Aphex Twin.


Created between 1992-94, these recordings have been salvaged from long forgotten cassettes and DATs and as such may contain tape hiss and occasional digital glitches. While they have been mastered to remove as much audio detritus as possible, they have been largely left unedited to preserve the original intention. 

This is not intended to be a critical masterpiece and its lack of beats may not interest those firmly rooted on the dancefloor, however lovers of electronic sound and those curious about the origins of Children of the Bong need not look any further!

Sirius Sounds Expanded 3CD Edition

Sirius 3CD pic.jpeg

Sirius Sounds, Expanded 3CD Edition

OUT NOW - CD and Download


Disc One is a re-master of the 1995 debut album ‘Sirius Sounds’, 

Disc Two brings together all of the stand-alone tracks released on various Planet Dog compilations along with a previously unreleased out-take from the ‘Sirius Sounds’ recording session and three demo tracks from the earliest days prior to their signing to Planet Dog.

Disc Three features three remixes which only ever saw light of day on a limited edition US- released 12”. These are followed by a desk recording of a full live set recorded at a Megadog event in Cambridge in 1995.

The package includes a 20-page full colour booklet featuring many unseen photographs and artwork accompanied by insightful sleeve notes from Kris Needs charting our short but productive career.

First Gig in 26 years!

Well it turned out to be an amazing reunion in the Magical Sounds Tent at the Bearded Theory Festival 2022! We played lots of Bong, some new tracks and even a Euphonic track too!

We're editing the footage with the desk audio and making the videos available on YouTube as they're done.

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