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Euphonic was a chance to focus on a more beat driven sound that took in elements of breakbeat, hip hop, funk, jazz and drum n bass; things we had always listened to but not created as musicians. On this album we worked with various vocalists and recorded in Brooklyn, New York with Dr. Israel, Soothsayer and Kirsty Rock from Trumystic sound system. Tracks also feature Jennifer Achonu (Neech) and Hedlam.
The self-titled album was released in 1998 on the Different drummer label owned by Rockers Hi-fi and received some rave reviews; DJ Magazine claimed that listening to it would ‘make your life better. 9/10'. Quite a departure from COTB, but it still has its roots in the early bong days. Live-wise we put together an 8 piece band to play the tracks rather than performing just electronically and took it on the road around Europe.
Euphonic live
Euphonic 2 crop.jpg

*********BREAKING NEWS*************
Euphonic is re-released on the excellent Banoffee Pies Records!
"For the second release in our Re-Issue Series we've teamed up with London duo Euphonic for a cherry picked deep dive into their back catalogue exploring some of their finest works, fusing Jungle, Breaks, and Down Tempo with unique programming, bass lines and traditional jazz/blues instrumentation. "

"Low Orbit Archives" features a number of artists whom they have collaborated with since the project's inception back in 1997, including dr. Israel, Soothsayer, Kirsty Rock and Neech. Euphonic is led by producer Rob Henry and former Graffiti artist turned DJ, Nick Trimm. 

"The "Low Orbit Archives" compilation continues, following Part 1 of the projects recently released 10" vinyl "Jah Science", with an additional 8 tracks spread across the 12" and digital exclusives. The release aims to offer a wide but cohesive spectrum of genres and styles for audio lovers and record collectors. All tracks have been unearthed from CD, Vinyl and DAT, and newly remastered." 

Purchase the vinyl direct from Bandcamp--->
I continued to work with Neech on her solo album and produced a number of tracks on it. We also played a lot of gigs around London with a full band, again mixing up the electronics and live elements.
Expect trip-hop, downbeat, electronic soul from this feisty lady.
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