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Life After Bong

What happened after?

A Peel Session, Glastonbury appearances, a new studio space, releases and planned tours in the US... Where did it all go wrong???

After the demise of Ultimate Records, (who were the parent label of Planet Dog), backdated royalty payments from sales in the US did not get paid, which left us and all the other Planet Dog bands in the lurch!  This, combined with the pressures of working, living and touring together tipped us over the edge and musically we wanted to try different things. With us, it was all or nothing so with one last gig at Brixton Academy in London, we parted company.

I moved to a flat in East London with no neighbours so I could make as much noise as I wanted, with Nick Trim (aka 'DJ Marin' who used to DJ with us when we played live),  to create a  project called 'Euphonic'. Dan moved down the road in to a cool studio and worked on some more Bong tracks with Richard Kegg that appeared on the 'Mashed Mellow Grooves' compilation.

euphonic logo.png
I now live and work in South East London and still create and produce music for various projects including 'Deep City' with Tony Messenger from 'The Unlimited Dream Company'.
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